- For cases in which the requested service is delivered with problems, that is, a service performed differently from that requested, INTERNAUTA must send an email to the address nabrubeart@hotmail.com, communicating the defect or the different service, including the image .
Any problem with the requested services must be solved by INTERNAUTA directly with STUDIO NABRUBE ART recognizes and is fully aware that the VIRTUAL SHOP, present in this SITE, constitutes a mere instrument to disseminate the service and made available for this commercial operation.
III - STUDIO NABRUBE ART reserves the right to refrain from providing services that contain images with pornographic, discriminatory, profane, offensive content, that respect morals, ethics and good customs, as well as images that, at its discretion, may generate indemnity actions or harm third parties, or that constitute a crime or criminal offense.
STUDIO NABRUBE ART will take the usual precautions so that the file with the digital image sent by INTERNAUTA is not accessed or disclosed by third parties or third parties. However, INTERNAUTA recognizes that during the sending of this file it may be subject to interception by third parties or action by "hackers", in which case O STUDIO NABRUBE ART cannot be held responsible for being a case of force majeure.

STUDIO NABRUBE ART guides INTERNAUTA who will guarantee only the print quality, but not the content of the files sent. Therefore, always be attentive to the correction of texts, names, telephones and other items that make up the art, because if they contain any errors, the production will be useless because the work will be lost.
The guarantee is limited to the reprinting of the files sent, in cases where exclusive defects in the printing process or closing of the file are proven.
STUDIO NABRUBE ART does not guarantee color fidelity under any circumstances. The printed material may vary in intensity and tonality of colors, in relation to the monitor or to the printed proof, as well as in relation to reprints. There may be a variation of up to 10% in the colors between the first and last prints of the same file in the same batch, without characterizing a printing defect.
The replacement request must be sent by e-mail to nabrubeart@hotmail.com within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the material.

After analysis, we will contact you within 48 hours informing the result of the analysis.

In case of doubts on how to proceed, contact us at nabrubeart@hotmail.com.