Caricature events live!

In celebrations, birthdays, company get-together, happy hour, weddings.

Leave your guests full of joy and good humor. We liven up your party much more!

We make caricatures on a variety of media such as: t-shirts, paper and mugs among others ...

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Live cartoons - paper

Bring joy and good humor to your guests.

Made of A4 (21 x 29 cm.) Or A3 (29 x 42 cm.) Format paper, but we can also make it in any other format you want.

This type of event caters for corporate events as well as private parties, with a production of 10 sheets per hour.
The paper is heavy weight for a better finish, it is also possible if the client wishes to personalize the sheets with the company logo or at private events we elaborate the caricature of the honoree and deliver it as a souvenir of the event.

R $ 120.00 per hour or R $ 12.00 per unit. (This value is only for live events and all material is included. Minimum of 2 hours or 20 units.)

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T-Shirt Caricatures

The caricature is made on the shirt during the event, or by order.

It is an extraordinary memory for the invited audience.

The shirt is painted with an airbrush and it is possible to make it in black and white or in color, with an hourly production of approximately 08 shirts.

The shirts are white 100% cotton and all the work is done with fabric paint.

When hiring it is necessary to know the profile of the public to be served, if more men or women or children for the size divisions. Airbrush painting is easy to dry as it does not soak the fabric. For events that require greater production there is a need to draw a caricature in black and white.

For orders on t-shirts it is already possible to draw more people on the t-shirt.

R $ 280.00 per hour or R $ 35.00 per unit. (This value is only for live events and all material is included. Minimum 2 hours or 16 units.)