How to order?

Enter our store, see the different formats and models. Imagine what you want and then:

Send an e-mail with your photos and idea of the work to . Write about the pose, clothes, props. If the caricature or portrait you ordered has scenery, mascot or vehicle, send some reference photos or an explanation of what you imagined.
In case of doubts send the e-mail or contact by phone Cel - whats (11) 96424-5713.

How long it takes:
We work with a term of 5 days.

How to send the photos:
The photo must have a good resolution of at least 150 dpi in the 10x15 cm size. pose preferably smiling and without accessories such as sunglasses, hat or any object that influences the authentic look of the person to be drawn.

Group drawings:
In the case of group drawings, people do not need to be in the same photo together because we work on each drawing individually. To make it easier, change the file name to the one in the photo.

The more personalized caricature the more fun it gets. think about what marks the person. Is there a phrase she always speaks? Play soccer? What team do you support? etc ... If you prefer you can send us a photo of the type of clothing or adornment you prefer.
You can also draw a funny situation that happened, or even illustrate something that is going to happen (like a trip).
We can put your pet, dog, cat, parrot, iguana, etc ... or even make a car, motorcycle or other equipment of your choice.

Changes and drafts
If we have already changed the 2x caricature (we have already sent version 1, version 2, version 3 and you still need to make another change) an addition is necessary for the next versions. To avoid this, try to specify all the change points at once to speed up the process.

Delivery of work
The job can be sent via email in an ideal format for printing or already printed via Sedex by mail.

For orders with delivery by email contact us for discount coupon on shipping.


Form of payment:

Wix payment system

Access our store and follow the instructions.

After the purchase is complete, a confirmation message is sent to the registered email.