César Franco started the art of painting on walls, posters, banners and panels.
It all started at home, where since he was a little boy, he already practiced some "art", doodles on papers, like every child.
At the age of 11, he was asked to reproduce movie posters in a cinema in his hometown. Ourinhos, interior of São Paulo - Brazil. With the first job he did, he was immediately hired. For years he performed this activity.
From 1992 he opened his company and started working with decoration for children's schools, among other artistic and advertising paintings. Still living in the interior, he started to take courses for groups of children and teenagers.

Making art

In 2001, arriving in Greater São Paulo, he coordinates the Art project in the City of Carapicuíba and starts organizing the drawing course of the São Paulo State Designers Union. From there, with some students of the course of the Union begins to be formed what today is the troupe of the Studio Nabrube Art.
Nabrube Art aims to promote and develop diverse artistic works, using manual and digital techniques to encourage and propagate Art.

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